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Trash Hunters are Heroes

From plastic bags and cigarette filters to sweet wrappers, water bottles, and more, litter is the biggest source of macroplastics in the environment; 80% of plastic litter in the sea comes from land. We are working to make sure that no more plastic litter ends up in the water in the first place, and we need your help.

All over the world, Trash Hunters are committed to making our planet cleaner and even more beautiful. They hunt for litter, record it with the Litterati app, and clean it up. We then use the collected information to map the waste and to address producers and polluters on their responsibility. We can all then find constructive solutions. Will you join us?

Trash Hunt with Literatti

Join the community!

Trash Hunters have detected and cleaned up more than 3,000,000 items worldwide!

Join this effort by downloading the Litterati app. Then, create a club or join our ‘Trash Hunters Plastic Soup Foundation’ club. Please note that if you set up a club yourself, choose the Plastic Soup Foundation as your affiliate, otherwise we will not receive the litter-mapping information.

Let’s get going!

Take a photo of the litter on the Litterati app, tag it, click on [Symbol], and clean up the litter. Under ‘Club Statistics’ you can see how many items you have cleared up, the top five most cleared items, and which member of your club has found and picked up the most items.

Download the PDF here if you want to print out the instructions:  

Take a look on how to use Littetati

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